Winter Training

General Information

Winter Training is held indoors each winter. The training season lasts approximately 8 weeks and is included in your TSC fees.

Others not on an active team may still attend Winter Training with TSC and pay for the entire session at $80. Please contact TSC for information on attending Winter Training as a non rostered participant if the information is not present below for the upcoming session.

Winter Training is held at The PhanZone SportsCenter, 142 NH-111, Hampstead, NH 03841.

2020 Schedule

Winter training has been scheduled for the 2020 session! Existing Timberwolves players are eligible to participate at no additional cost, as the training is part of the registration fees.

For those wishing to participate that are not present players on a TSC team, the cost is $80 for the full 8 weeks. If you wish to train, simply sign up at the first session for your age group, and give a check to one of the training coaches. Checks should be made out to “Timberwolves Soccer Club.”

The schedule for 2020 will be confirmed shortly

Dates of Training: COMMENCING FEBRUARY 9th 2020

Full breakdown of dates and times to be confirmed

Time Slots by Age Group: